Your Complete Guide to Glass Pipes


There are different accessories that are used to smoke, these accessories can be made up different materials such as glass, metal, wood, and many others, however, the glass pipes are the ones that are the most aesthetically pleasing and people have an interest in collecting them as well. If you are interested in glass pipes then continue reading this article as it will act as your complete guide to glass pipes.

You can easily purchase glass pipes from different places, one of the most reliable place to shop for a good quality glass pipe is Idaho Springs head shop. There you can find a variety of different glass pipes such as chillums, bubblers, Sherlock pipes, and many more.

Glass pipes have been in use for more than a thousand of years, they are very popular among collectors as well. The origin of glass pipes is mainly associated with North Americans and is used for smoking different kinds of substances. Though the first invention was not exactly made of glass, it started with wood and turned into pipes made from cob of the corn, and later down the years glass pipes were invented.

Out of all the glass pipes Sherlock pipes are the most popular, it is not difficult to realize why they are called what they are. The design is similar to that of the pipe that was used by the iconic fictional character Sherlock Holmes that everyone knows about. It has a stem and at the end of it there is a bowl or holder that holds the substance and heat is applied to it in order to smoke. Another popular pipe is a bubbler, it is named so because it produces bubbles by using water as a medium.