What to Wear When Pressure Washing

pressure washing accessories

There is so much focus that tends to be placed on how pressure washing should be done that there is a pretty good chance that most people are unaware of other aspects of these types of activities. For example, did you know that you can’t just start pressure washing without first putting on the appropriate attire? This is because of the fact that power washing can be a rather risky endeavor, especially if one of the jets accidentally get aimed at your eye since they can cause some minor to major injuries if that were to occur.

Hence, the truth of the situation is that protecting your eyes should be your foremost priority if you are looking to start a pressure washing service that many people would be lining up to hire. A pair of nice, thick goggles can do the trick, and you can basically just use any goggles that are used in a swimming context. Goggles of that variety are designed to keep water out, so the fact of the matter is that even if you aim a pressure jet directly at your eye socket, it would just bounce off of the plastic thereby saving you a trip to the emergency room.

You should also consider getting a jump suit that covers you from head to toe. After all, there is no telling where the water might go, and getting completely soaked while you are trying to keep a clean home is not going to be ideal no matter how you slice it. A jump suit can be worn on top of your regular clothes which lets you keep them dry as you focus on the task.