Vintage Signs 101: Everything You Will Need to Know to Start Your Own Collection

custom wood signs

If we trace back the origins of vintage signs, you’ll find out that these signs were created to help people in getting to where they needed to be a couple of centuries ago. Since most people were unable to read or write so reading sign boards for them was considered out of the question and to counter this problem vintage signs were created. They would have symbols or indicative markings on them which would help people in getting to the desired place or shop they were looking for.

However, what came about due to the low levels of literacy soon became a way to market their brand in the consumer markets. Nowadays, old neon signs or any sort of vintage signs are used for the purpose of collections or incorporated in the business to give them a touch of retro fashion and make them look somewhat unique. It is very interesting how evolution of these things tend to take place and the purpose of things change as well. Since this is just the basic intro, you also need to know where you can find the best places to start your own collection let’s go deeper into that.

If you are looking for original and authentic vintage signs along with some old neon signs you should know that flea market setups are the best place to scour for these. They will have a ton of vintage signs and what not for you all to look through and find the best ones.

A lot of the restaurants and eateries these days are incorporating old school diner themes in their outlets which is possibly why a trip to flea market might be a great way to find these undiscovered treasures.