Tips to Help You Sleep Better at Night

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If you can’t recall the last time you slept for more than 6 hours without sleeping in the day, then this page is for you. Sometimes we get so busy with our lives that we forget the importance of a good night’s rest. In fact, some people are convinced that they can conquer the world with only 4 hours of sleep per night. It’s true that some people have the ability to be reasonably alert even without proper sleep, but that doesn’t stop them from being sleep deprived – the damage will still be done.

In the end, there’s no escaping the fact that we need 6-8 hours of quality sleep to maintain our cognitive function and to keep our bodies from falling apart earlier than anticipated. Even if your sleep schedule is horrible, you can still fix it. You may have tried forcing yourself to go to bed at a certain hour but to no avail since all that did was make you lie awake and hate yourself for ruining your sleep to this extent.

Realising the problem is always the first step towards fixing it, so we’ll say that you’re on the right track. You need to monitor your sleep so you know where you are and what you need to fix. After that, you’ll need to start eliminating things that keep you up when you’re trying to sleep and yes, your smart phone is one of them.

The blue light from your phone’s screen can block your melatonin production, and you can’t fall asleep without your melatonin production reaching peak concentrations. Turning on your phone’s night mode or just putting it away can really help you sleep quality. You should also try to be as comfortable as you can be and sleep in a room with a lower temperature since a temperature drop can trigger drowsiness.