Taking a Pre Workout  Supplement Without Creatine

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Most of the pre workout supplements have a creatine named chemical inside them. While a majority of the users report no side effects of this chemicals at all, some are still suspicious about whether they should use this compound or not.

When it comes to providing a lot of benefits when taken pre workout, creatine does its job perfectly, but there are certain that you should know when in taking creatine in any form. Although people seem to have divided opinions about this compound, creatine is a beneficial thing and you should be taking it pre workout to enjoy the benefits.

Here are why a large majority of pre workout supplements use creatine.

What Are The Benefits?

Although creatine is a beneficial compound, there is a myth that you should only take it post workouts, however, this is completely wrong. Creatine is taken by a lot of bodybuilders pre workouts too because they know its benefits very well.

When taken pre workouts, creatine is shown to improve the performance in high intensity exercises. It gives you’re the strength that you need to go through your workout sessions seamlessly and pretty easily.

But remember one thing, small doses of creatine before the workouts are your best bet. For example: take 1g of creatine before the workout and 5g after the workout if you’re  already supplementing, otherwise, start with smaller post workout doses and work your way up.

No Creatine in Pre Workout Supplements

To satisfy the people who criticize the use of creatine in pre workouts, some brands are currently shipping pre workout supplements without creatine. If you’re  against the use of creatine in pre workouts, then find a supplement that has small to no amounts of creatine in it.

Even if you use creatine in post workout supplements, it is best to use a separate creatine source to reap the benefits. For more information, check the Pre-workouts without creatine reviewed on