Mistakes to Avoid While Using CPAP Machine

There is a special kind of sleeping condition in which breathing of a person stops momentarily and then it starts again during sleep. It is a very life-threatening disease which can cause serious accidents and even harm to the body. In order to cure it a CPAP machine is most commonly used which stabilizes the breathing of the patients.

The CPAP machine is doubt really handy and helps tremendously, however, it has its own shortcoming. You need to be extra careful while using it. If you want to read more about the common mistakes that people make while using CPAP machines then this is the article that you are looking for.

The biggest headache the CPAP machine gives is finding the right size and shape for your face. Everyone has a different shape and facial structure which makes it difficult to find the one that fits. You need to work closely with the doctor and the seller to get the right size.

If you get uncomfortable with the forced air which you receive through the machine then at the beginning you can start off with a low pressure of air, same is the case with the machine itself. Start wearing the mask for short periods once you get used to it wear it while sleeping this way you will not have to face a lot of discomforts and you will quickly get used it.

If you are getting a stuffy nose from the mask then know that the air from the mask is leaking and the mask needs to be adjusted, however, if it becomes a recurring situation then you need to replace your mask as it is not the right fit, as already discussed finding the right fit is really difficult so you need to be completely sure that your mask is compatible with your facial structure.