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Knowing When to Bid an Old Roof Farewell


The average roof can last you anywhere between 15-50 years. Its lifespan is ultimately determined by a number of things which include the material that was used to build the roof, the design of the roof itself, the quality of the materials that were used, the weather conditions, and how well the roof was maintained. If negligence is a common theme during the lifespan of the roof, then it will understandably start developing problems early on, while a good quality and well cared for the roof will last longer. If you are looking to get your roof inspected, then you can skim through your list and find reliable roofers Scarborough that can come and do an inspection for you.

Our roofs will definitely age with time, however, if you are looking for signs that your roof has gone past its prime, then you can keep on reading below:

  • You are noticing visible cracks or other problems along the surface of your roof. If you happen to have a shingled roof, then you will notice these in the form of cracked, broken or missing shingles.
  • Your roof happens to have a leak after every storm season. This means that your roof is no longer able to do its job, and if the leaks happen from different places every time, then it means that your roof’s barrier has been compromised.
  • You can see visible signs of aging and wear and tear on your roof.
  • If your roof has already gone way pasts its estimated lifespan, then it is time to get your roof replaced with a newer and better one.

You can have roofing experts come in for inspections and you can even consult them about whether or not you should get your roof replaced or repaired.