How to Make The Most of The Golden Hour

The Golden Hour is that period of the day that is shortly followed by a sunrise or prior to a sunset. In the Golden Hour, the daylight is not only redder and softer but it also contributes greatly to render a romantic vibe that accentuate the mood of the photographs. However in order to get the best shots at the Golden Hour, here are a few tips for the team behind the lens in order to achieve the perfectly shot portraits and snaps.

Arrive Prior to The Shoot

The importance of this step cannot be expressed enough as all the other pre-requisites of a sunset shoot; be it the choice of the lens or the appropriate camera settings are followed by it. When a photographer reaches at the location earlier than the shoot, the most substantial advantage is the time and opportunity they are rendered to explore the place. Going around the location helps in accessing suitable spots and working on ideal frames that will consequently deliver the perfect shot.

Determine The Right Camera Settings

Once the location is accessed well enough, the next step is to work on the camera settings. These include evaluating the right camera mode. For instance while manual mode is generally recommended, it is always an option to work with landscape mode for beginners. It is also better to use a tripod to stabilize photos clicked in low light and to keep in consideration the dynamic range of various colors and light.

Work on a Pattern

When it comes to working in the Golden Hour, a patterned shoot such as shade shots, filtered light shots, silhouette shots, sunset and dusk shots planned in a similar order helps the photographer to work according to the intensity of light. This is usually ideal when it comes to commencement of a couple’s session during wedding photography.

Begin with shooting in a shady spot, move on to the place where the sunlight is filtered through the trees, work on silhouette shot 10-20 minutes before sunset and move on to sunset shooting when the light is soft and golden. Finish the session with dusk shots in the next fifteen minutes followed by the sunset and capture all the glorious color the mother nature offers.