How Many Days to Wait to Stain Deck After Pressure Washing

cleaning terrace with a pressure washer

Staining a deck can make it look so beautiful that all of your neighbor’s are going to have a really hard time peeling their eyes away for it. This is something that can give your self confidence a boost, and it also helps that it increases the sale price of your home should you decide to take it off of your hands. If you have a deck in your house and you have not stained it yet, there is a pretty good chance that it will look so worn out that you would question your decision to have it put in in the first place.

You should try not to delay staining your deck since it can completely transform the look and feel of this area to a surprisingly large extent. The truth of the situation is that hiring a pressure washing service to remove loose debris and caked in dirt can be a great way to prepare your deck for its eventual staining. This is because of the fact that the stain coating might end up sticking to the dirt on your deck instead of the deck itself, so pressure cleaning is a non negotiable aspect of this overall process.

That said, it is crucial that you don’t forget the importance of drying your deck for a period of days otherwise the stain coating will bubble up and melt before you get the chance to see it in all of its true glory. The fact of the matter is that wooden decks need around three days to dry, and you should check it once a day to see how much progress has been made.