How Long is The Trek to Everest Base Camp

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There are a lot of different kinds of accomplishments that you would want to get squared away in life, and not all of these goals would have all that much to do with your job or career for the most part. While the importance of your work life is hard to dispute, suffice it to say that it should be your sole focus since you would lose out on a fair bit of joy if you are of such a mindset. One of the most popular goals for people to have in order to gain a sense of having done something profound involves climbing a mountain, and Mount Everest is perhaps the biggest prize of all when you look at it from that point of view.

The reason behind this is that Mount Everest is about five hundred meters taller than the second tallest mountain, and it is also really scenic which makes the whole process worth it. The thing is, Everest is so tall that most people can’t even think of climbing all the way to the summit. These individuals would be far better off trying a Everest base camp trek for starters due to its relatively achievable nature.

The only question you’d have burning in your head about this type of trek is how long it would take, and generally speaking you need about five to six days to reach the base camp. The journey back is a bit easier, but it would still require up to four to five days at a bare minimum. A skilled mountain climber might be able to make the trek much more quickly so you should try to improve.