How Long After Pressure Washing Can Put Thompson Sealer on It

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Anything that has been made out of concrete needs to be sealed, otherwise it won’t be all that long before the destructive forces of nature begin to work their power on it and make it far less structurally secure than you would have preferred. The main contributing factor that makes concrete sealing a necessity is its porous nature. You can probably see that even the smoothest of concrete has some pores and pockmarks on it at this current point in time, and these pores will continue throughout the interior molecular structure of the concrete without a shadow of a doubt.

That makes it quite easy for water to gain entry, which is why sealing is such an essential thing to do in the first place. It also means that when you do some concrete cleaning with a power cleaning machine, suffice it to say that you need to first make sure that the concrete was sealed prior to this process being implemented as well as apply a fresh coating of Thompson sealer on it to replace the sealant that was washed away.

The thing is, concrete’s aforementioned porous nature also makes it absorb liters upon liters of water when it is being struck with high pressure jets. As a result of the fact that this is the case, you should wait at least two to three days before putting the new coating of sealer on. Failing to wait this many days will lock the moisture in and it will soon make the concrete so crumbly that stepping on it might turn into a fool’s errand. Don’t skip this step if you want the concrete to stay sound.

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