How Do You Get 25 Dollars Off Postmates?

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There’s something truly special about enjoying a lazy Sunday. After all, even though Sunday is technically the first day of the week on the calendar, suffice it to say that the vast majority of workers tend to look at it as the end of the week since it is the second day of the weekend. When you wake up on a Sunday morning, chances are that you would be either hung over or just plain tired from the partying that you may have taken part in the night prior, and that means you wouldn’t want to have to get up to make yourself something to eat.

It’s understandable that you’d need a bit of rest and relaxation on this day, and Sundays are great because they let you enjoy something of that sort without pressing work matters getting in the way. If you don’t want anything your ability to just lay back and chill on Sunday, you should definitely check out this Lifehacker deal of the day. They have countless coupons and promo codes, and many of these codes apply to Postmates too!

Postmates let you sleep in and not move around too much because they deliver food right to you, and with the resource that we have now sent your way you can get up to $25 off of your order! That is a pretty huge amount of money when you realize that it can pay for a reasonably fancy lunch for two people so you can potentially eat two meals for the price of one. That can become the cherry on top of your day of leisure, and it will make you feel gleeful to say the least.