How Do Periodontists Treat Gum Disease?

periodontist vs oral surgeon

If you have gum disease affecting your teeth, you will definitely have to visit a periodontist to get the issue fixed by them.

However, there are various surgical and non-surgical procedures which might be used by a professional to treat your gum disease in the right way. The procedure used on you depends on the stage of your gum disease.

Let’s see how periodontists in The Perio Pocket treat gum disease.

Diagnosing The Issue

Here are some steps taken by your periodontist to determine the severity of your gum disease.

  • The professional can ask for your medical records and complete history of any dental checkups you might have gone through. This can give the professional a hint about the symptoms you are witnessing.
  • The next step is looking for tartar buildup in your mouth. Moreover, they might see how easily your gums bleed to determine how severe your gum disease actually is.
  • If you have deep pockets, the dentist might also use a tool to determine the pocket depth and size around your teeth. If the pocket depth is around 5 mm, then your gum disease has become severe.
  • Some x-rays might also be required to determine if your teeth are going through any amount of bone loss.

Treatment of Gum Disease

You can get the treatment done by a periodontist, as they are the right professionals trained properly for this job. The professional will clean the pockets developed around your teeth to keep everything clean and avoid bacterial infection from spreading further. They might also ask you to create and follow our regular healthy oral hygiene routine.

Various treatments like scaling, root planing, and antibiotics can be used by a periodontist in the attempt to help you against your gum disease. Surgical treatments are only used in severe cases.