Different Types of Air Conditioners You Can Choose From

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There are lots of different types of air conditioners you can choose from depending on your needs. However, to make an educated decision, you must know the benefits and drawbacks of every different type of air conditioner available in the market. Only then you will be able to choose the right air conditioner which will bring the most benefits and the least drawbacks for you.

So, here are different types of air conditioners you can choose from. You can also check out various types of air condtioner in KL.

Central AC Units

If you have a large house, and multiple rooms to cool at the same time, then a central AC unit is the best choice for you. This AC system uses ducts to provide multiple rounds of your house with cool air. This is why the central AC unit system is also called a ducted system.

Just like a regular split AC, the central AC unit also has an outdoor unit containing compressor and condenser coils, and multiple indoor units to provide cooler, and to remove the heat from your rooms. Refrigerant is also used in the outdoor unit to make cooling easy.

Mini-Split ACs

If you do not want to deal with a lot of Ducts, then a ductless mini split air conditioner is the best choice for you. This is a perfect choice for the homeowners who want only a specific portion of their house to be cooled.

This type of AC system also comes with an indoor and outdoor unit. The outdoor unit contains the condenser and compressor, and is connected with the indoor unit with the help of a duct. The indoor unit is equipped with the blower to blow the cooled air into the room it is installed in.

These Air conditioners allow you to either heat or cool your indoors depending on the weather conditions outdoors.