Considerations When Pressure Washing Siding That is Not Flat

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Most houses that use siding tend to opt for the flat variety, but suffice it to say that the curved and textured variety is a fairly popular choice as well for the most part. Using siding that is not flat is great because of the fact that it gives your home a unique look that would become the envy of all of your neighbors, so you should most certainly get it put in whenever you get your next bonus or if you have some spare cash lying around at the end of the day.

However, there are some considerations that need to be made if you want to clean this siding, particularly if hiring the best pressure washing company in the world is something that sounds appealing to you. The most important consideration to be made here is that the siding is more prone to water egress, which is just a fancy way of saying that water can go behind the siding panels. These panels are attached to your home with a sticky glue, and this glue can melt if it is exposed to any water at all.

This quick dissolving property of glue is meant to make sure that you can remove the siding as and when required, but it can also make pressure washing a bit trickier to implement. Aiming the pressure jets directly at the siding instead of at an angle that allows entry of water is a great way to prevent this damage. You can also move further away from the siding so that the pressure has some time to weaken before it strikes it, thereby ensuring that they last a lot longer.