Choosing The Right Flavor For Your Vape

To all the new vape users out there, you need to know that one of the most important aspects of getting into vaping is to choose the right flavor for yourself. Whether you are trying to get in to vaping because you enjoy it or because you want to use it to stop smoking cigarettes, the vape liquid will be the deciding factor for how your experience ends up being. If you keep all other variables constant, such as the nicotine content, the type of production, and whether it is propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin, the deciding factor will still be the flavor of the vape juice. If you do not like the flavor you simply will not use it and that’s just a plain fact.

So you will find that when looking at the large variety of flavors available, there are separate categories of the flavors. You have the regular no nicotine or low nicotine options that taste exactly like certain cigarettes. This is a good option for someone trying to move away from smoking who wants to still take time to let go of smoking. The similar flavor will help you ween off of cigarettes pretty quickly.

Other categories will be the basic flavors like the fruity ones, the ice cream styled ones, and the candy ones. Then there are advanced mixed flavors that can be a few mixtures of various things you might like, such as strawberry milkshakes and caramel cakes, and even things like wafers. Finally you have alcoholic inspired flavors like brandy or whiskey. So general advice is that you should start with the basics and choose a flavor you are certain you will like. From there you can move forward, but it might be est to start small.