Avoid Making These Mistakes When Using a Chef Knife

wusthof chef knife, 10 inch

Having a Chef’s Knife in your kitchen is one of the most beneficial things when it comes to cutting different things and preparing delicious meals. These knives are really versatile, and can help you in cutting everything ranging from fruits, meat and vegetables.

However, many new chefs end up making horrible mistakes when using their chef knife. Therefore, you should keep your skills sharp, and should avoid making the below mentioned mistakes when using your knife. You can also check out reviews of Vertoku Knives for the best results.

Choosing The Wrong Surface to Work On

In addition to choosing the right knife to cut in your kitchen, you should also choose a good surface for cutting. If you end up choosing very hard cutting surface, it might end up damaging the blade of your knife. Also, the cutting board you use must be secured firmly in place. If you do not do so, the board can slip from under your knife while you are cutting.

Ideally, you should choose between wooden and plastic cutting boards, as they will keep your blade sharper for longer.

Incorrect Holding Position

Holding your knife incorrectly can make you lose control of the knife while cutting. You can also easily lose your balance, and the cuts you make will be uneven. That is why you should learn the proper knife holding position and angle before using a chef’s knife regularly.

Using The Edge of The Blade Too Much

Scraping or cutting hard materials read the edge of your knife‘s Blade can make the blade dull really soon. That is why you should always avoid using the sharp edge of your knife’s blade too much.

Additionally, you should never cut with a knife that is not sharp. This is the best way to avoid all the mistakes when using a chef’s knife.