Are E-Cigarettes Safe?

So if you have already quit smoking or thinking about switching out to e-cigarettes, chances are that you have already done your homework and research regarding the health issues that come along with their usage. It is well known that e-cigarettes also use Nicotine, similar to traditional cigarettes . According to a research e-cigarette consumers have the option to up the dose of Nicotine by increasing the voltage which gives a higher concentration of the substance. Although increase in the voltage could cause the e-cigarette to malfunction and cause it to damage and catch fire.

As with every revolutionary product or technology, when they are introduced to the masses, they are marketed with only the most positive features and do not focus or even remotely mention any of the adverse effects or negative features of those products. Similarly vape deals and products were introduced in the market as a cessation product which aids those who are trying to quit smoking. However, over the course of time it has been noted that e-cigarettes do not actually assist in quitting regular smoking habits, infact most of the e-cigarette adapters that get a hang of a higher kick of Nicotine which comes with the e-cigarettes, continue smoking with conventional cigarettes as well which doubles the health hazards for them.

One of the most important thing which should be concerning anyone who is considering adapting e-cigarettes is that the FDA has not yet approved them and the vape juice which make the vapors, have not been properly researched to know what chemicals they contain and what kind of health impact or risks they could pose.

It is unfortunate to know that with the advent of this new technology, a newer generation is getting addicted to Nicotine addiction which is of a higher concentration. Due to social norms, culture, influences, the adaption of e-cigarettes has become excessively popular among students as young as high schoolers.